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Bonnie Synclaire’s books have appeared on the Kindle bestseller chart, Amazon #1 New Release chart, and Lulu.com’s Top 100 chart. Her short stories garnered several awards from the Reflections Arts contests, including a state title.


She is a member of the Littsburgh literary roster, and is featured in major and small publications: TribLive, Saturday Light Brigade Radio 2x, the Young Eager Writers Association, and Turn The Page Authors.


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"Bonnie Synclaire follows...with this tender story of two teens who have a lot more in common than it seems on the surface...As Zoe and Marley face challenges at school and at home, they wonder: Can a relationship built on empathy blossom into more? Synclaire elevates themes of acceptance and commitment in this deeply evocative narrative."
— Kristen R., advance reader
“...As someone who hasn’t known many people with autism, this book was great for me to better understand their needs and what it’s like to have an autistic person in your family...Also, I loved Synclaire’s writing style!...Overall, this was a quick, enjoyable read, filled with themes of love, family, and change...”
— Olivia Faye Scott, author of WINGS
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