BLUE VALLEY NIGHTS, #0.5 - Coming Spring 2020

Rising star Zinnia never thought she would have to return to her childhood town of Blue Valley, where she left everything behind when she and her sister and legal guardian, Maizie, acquired fame.


Upon her return, Zinnia realizes that her old crew’s bonds seem broken beyond repair, no matter how badly they want things to get better. But after an accident sends the group into rippling fear of losing each other again and giving Zinnia nowhere to go, the crew decides to reunite and mend their relationships and try to let go of what happened in the past.


With the reunion, Zinnia is pulled into a comforting web of friendship, family, and hope...but also drama, family trials, and unexpected love. To make up for lost time, the once-broken crew decides to plan epic summer night adventures throughout their beloved town, learning resilience, forgiveness, and hope.

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Last update: 4/5/20

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