Series: Ruxlor City FBI, #1

Genre: Mystery & Suspense

CRASH AND BURN is the first suspenseful, twisty thriller in the RUXLOR CITY FBI series from award-winning author Bonnie Synclaire.


Ruelle Winters is the daughter of a popular true crime writer and a successful journalist, following in their footsteps and pursuing her passion of becoming a detective in the shadowy Ruxlor City. When her parents are sent to film a true crime documentary for the summer, she decides to jumpstart her own investigation into the crimes behind the film with her two best friends Jonah and Henry…unknowing that her family has a deeper connection to the crimes.


All of the clues and evidence are falling into place…until everything doesn’t, and Ruelle begins to question why her parents are really involved. When her parents are left in fatal condition after a fiery car crash, pieces of evidence start to disappear, disturbing letters show up at her door, and secrets start to be exposed—including her parents’. Ruelle realizes that the crash wasn’t an accident—someone will do anything to keep the truth hidden, and she may have placed herself directly in a killer’s sights…


But with everything on the line, she can’t help but keep digging for the truth. Can she stop a criminal who’s already set her as his next target? Or is it too late?

Ruxlor City FBI mockup.png