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Genre: Mystery / Thriller

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Slated to release November 10th, 2023

Two rookies' first case may be their last...


Rayne Winters didn’t expect to be recruited by the FBI and return to her shadowy hometown of Ruxlor City. She also didn’t expect to see Detective Jonah Davenport again either: also a recruit, her best friend and first love who she’d abandoned when he needed her the most.


When several fiery “accidents” occur throughout town, the police suspect foul play and ask the FBI to take over. Despite the tension between them, the rookies must put their faith in each other again if they want to catch the culprit. And when Rayne is targeted by an unknown assailant, Jonah desperately searches for a motive on his own to protect her, but ultimately puts his own life at risk…


With the new reign of terror sending the city into a frenzy, their line of work turns deadly, passion and determination collide, and the ruthless killer behind it could be closer than anyone imagined. With Jonah and Rayne’s lives on the line, the hunt for a madman begins. But when the smoke clears, not everyone will come out unscathed.

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