Genre: Young Adult thriller ~ Ages 14+ | Reader discretion is advised
Dimensions: 6 x 9"
Pages: 155
Word count: 39,000
Release Date: November 30, 2018
Series: The Genesis Files, #2



“...was on the edge of my seat."
- Emily, Goodreads review


The Cambridge twins learned their first lesson of espionage the hard way: trust no one. After a shocking betrayal by D, Harper and Skye are stranded hundreds of miles from home. Joanna is now being held captive by the underground Scorpion, and if she doesn’t get medical attention soon...Harper doesn’t want to think about what will happen.


Harper decides to rely on Skye’s keen eye and intelligence to find her way back home, but there are more problems and danger at every turn. Meanwhile, hearing the terrifying motives of Scorpion’s plans, Joanna has lost all hope. Will the twins reunite and save their family? Or has the end of Genesis already begun?

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