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Genre: Spy-Thriller / Espionage

~ Slated to release Summer 2024

~ Pre-order links coming soon

In the highly anticipated next installment in The Genesis Files spy-thriller series, the only way to survive is to go incognito


Rookie CIA agent Harper Hollis and her crew’s first assignment only led them into a deeper mystery: the shadowy weapons manufacturing company, Pike Enterprises, who they now know is fueling Scorpion’s agendas with unknown motives. But Genesis has secrets of its own as well, and in order to stop an international threat from wreaking havoc, Harper needs to dive into the past to get answers.


To save Genesis’s future as well as their own, the team infiltrates a shadowy underground world where rules don’t apply and no one can be trusted. But the more intel they gather, they begin to question the morality of the agency they pledged their lives to as they face old and new enemies, deceit, and betrayal…

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