NEWS: The Genesis Files is Getting Revamped

Updated: May 20

After much thought and consideration, I have decided to give The Genesis Files novella series a complete overhaul this summer.🎉

This series will be completely revamped and expanded into 3 full-length novels.

Nothing will be the same: the plot is getting reworked, there will be new characters, current characters' names will be changed, new settings, subplots, and more. I am basically taking TGF and starting over from scratch.


After writing and publishing ROGUE during my sophomore year of high school, I looked back and realized my writing has greatly improved. Also, I wrote and produced the original 25k-word, 100-page story in a complete rush and failed to take the time to polish it (hence why I kept making new editions with new covers and small edits…now there are more than four editions!).

The Original ROGUE: 1st Edition (2018)

I strongly feel that this novella no longer reflects me as an author nor my brand and company, and I am no longer proud of this book. ROGUE is not my best work and its series has the potential to be something greater.

Revamps happen a lot in the traditional publishing industry, and all the time in the indie publishing world, so I am taking advantage of this opportunity and giving TGF the awesome reboot it both needs and deserves. I cannot wait to introduce you to the new characters and their improved world!

Can I still read the originals?

ROGUE and its sequel INCOGNITO will remain on the market until the new versions are published, but will slowly start to disappear from certain retailers or have messages such as “Temporarily out of stock.”

The re-release dates are not set in stone yet, but I am aiming for July-August since my Young Adult realistic fiction novel, code name "Project Blue", is coming out June 24th.

Where Can I Stay Updated?

All status updates on the revamping process will only be posted:

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A sneak peek at the new series name...

The revamped series name is…


Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting some sneak peeks here on my website and on my Pinterest!

Thank you in advance to my readers for your cooperation. These new and improved stories will not disappoint!


ABOUT: Bonnie Synclaire is a state-title award-winning writer and novelist. She began publishing at 16 years old, being featured in TribLive, the Saturday Light Brigade's Youth Express Radio, and the Young Eager Writers Association. She pens novellas and full-length novels in the Young Adult thrillerand realistic fiction genres.


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