I Won the #10kWritingChallenge Covid-19 Edition! (3/25/20)

Today (3/25/20), I participated in author Mandi Lynn’s #10kWritingChallenge, where you commit to writing 10,000 words in one day!😬I've always wanted to do this but due to my busy schedule I could not, but the rules have changed slightly due to quarantine and social distancing, and I took advantage of being home all day to make more progress on my work-in-progress: round one of edits/rewrites for Blue Valley Nights, book #1, which is set to release June 2020.

Just after 9:30 PM, I got 11,980 words, majorly boosting my word count from 21,268 words to 32,660 words.

Let’s do this!👏🏽

Lunch break!🍜

Progress so far.

I did it!🥳


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