Monthly Newsletters Postponed

Updated: Sep 29

Monthly newsletters will be temporarily postponed.

Reason (1): The time of year that I have to put my books aside is fast approaching. My school year will begin in less than a month, and I do not work on any books during the school year, so this means I will not have a lot of updates that will be worth putting into a newsletter.

(2) I have been in a huge writing slump since Promises We Break's release in late June, and I'd quit my goal for Camp NaNoWriMo after just a few days...Honestly, I have been stuck for quite a while now and have not accomplished much writing this summer.

Quietly working on completely revamping The Genesis Files' books and planning the rest of the Blue Valley Nights series has become slightly overwhelming, so I have decided to take a much-needed break and get ready for my freshman year of college.

What's happening to The Genesis Files series?

As for TGF, these books are still available in paperback and ebook since I am not starting the final phase of revamps until Summer 2021, if not later. I also have signed copies available to purchase on my website shop.

Readers are wondering what exactly will change in the series...I will post updates on my website only, and my VIP newsletter when I start those up again.

Going forward.

If there are any major updates, news, events, features, or anything else notable, I will send out a short newsletter with those announcements.

I will also post these publicly on my website first, then my Twitter news page @BonnieSynclaire.


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