The Genesis Files: Unpublishing Statement

Updated: Mar 29

After much thought and consideration, I have decided to give The Genesis Files thriller series a complete revamp and expansion. This process will start in May 2021.

This series will be heavily rewritten and expanded into about three full-length novels. Almost nothing will be the same; the plot is getting reconstructed, there will be new characters, current characters will be enhanced, there will be new settings, better subplots, and more. I am basically taking TGF and starting over from scratch.

The Reason Why

After writing and publishing the original Rogue during my sophomore year of high school, I've looked back and realized my writing has greatly improved, but more importantly, there are several mistakes and issues that simply cannot be ignored or patched up anymore. I released the original 90-page novella in such a rush and failed to take the time to edit and polish it (hence why I made new editions in 2019 with new covers and small plot changes…there are now more than 5 editions in circulation!).

I strongly feel that this series no longer reflects my capabilities as an author nor my brand, and I am no longer proud of these books and don't talk about them often. This is not my best work, and TGF has the potential to be much greater and more marketable.

Revamps happen in the traditional publishing industry when needed and are common in the independent publishing world, so I'm taking advantage of this opportunity and giving The Genesis Files the amazing reboot it both needs and deserves. I cannot wait to re-introduce these books to old readers and new readers who have yet to step into the Genesis world.

Can I still read the originals?

Both books are still on the market in ebook from all major ebook retailers and paperback from – but this summer I will be removing paperbacks early since it takes a few months for them to disappear from Amazon and other places. Ebooks are easy to remove, so they will remain until the new Rogue (title TBA) goes up for pre-order this November.

When Will This Happen?

I'm already starting the revamp process. As of March 2020, I've written the new synopsis for all three books, am developing and enhancing characters, and brainstorming outlines/plots, but I cannot do much while in school, so you will see most of the major changes happening starting in May when I'm done with school, such as paperbacks being removed, title reveals, character reveals, etc.

Where Can I Stay Updated?

All status updates on the revamping process for TGF will be posted to the subscribers of my VIP newsletter. Some things will also be posted on Synclaire Publishing's social media, but subscribers get everything much earlier including bonus content and sneak peeks of chapters.

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