The deluxe publishing package is perfect for those who want their manuscript published, but do not have the tools, experience, or time, and would like to work with a hybrid publisher. Must have a mostly completed story to begin.

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~ Line-, Copy-, and Developmental Editing
~ Proofreading
~ Synopsis Help
~ Interior Formatting
~ Cover Design
~ ISBN Assignment
~ Copyright filing (optional)
~ Pricing & Release date determination
~ Pre-order setup (duration: 2-4 months)
~ Publishing in ebook, paperback, and hardcover with global distribution
~ 60% royalties
~ 10 ARCs & first 20 copies of your book included

✨Timeline: 6-12 months
✨$2,000 (Custom payment plans available)

▪️4-Month Express Publishing Fee: $300
▪️Ghostwriting fee: $0.05/word

Deluxe Publishing Package - Down Payment