This service is for those who are ready to either write, finish writing, or produce and publish their book but do not know where to begin and are new to the process. This 45-minute consultation call via Zoom is perfect for me to get a little more information about yourself, your manuscript, your budget, and services that you need!

During this call I gather the following information:
* Your manuscript’s genre, current word count, current page length, working synopsis and title
* Outline, if provided
* Your vision and goals
* Your desired publication date
* What kind of service you would like:
(1) Developmental, Line-, or Copy-Editing, or all three
(2) Cover Design & Interior Formatting
(3) Publishing Assistance
(4) Legal help {ex. ISBN purchasing, Library of Congress Control Numbers, copyright registration, publishing platform registrations, royalty setups}
Or if you would like all of the above: (5) Deluxe Publishing Package

Afterward I will come up with our next steps and a projected timeline to work in. A full list of services and rates can be found at

Consultation Call - 45 Minutes