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SeriesBlue Valley Nights, #1

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-71683-462-2

Publisher: Synclaire Publishing

Genre: Fiction / Young Adult / Realistic Fiction

Categories: Social Issues, Families & Relationships, Autism Families, Emotions & Feelings, Resilience

Dimensions: 6 x 9"

Pages: 266

Word count: 54,000

Release Date: June 24, 2020

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• An instant Kindle #1 new release and bestseller in Teen & Young Adult Fiction About Special Needs

Disconnected Zoe’s life revolves around her nonverbal sister, Bailey. Zoe has always been her sister’s protector, but after a series of alarming events she has started to doubt her importance in Bailey’s life. Her parents want her to let go and live her own life, but they won’t tell her the real reason why.

Marley is the most popular and sought-after boy at Blue Valley High, but he and his nonverbal-autistic brother Monty are battling a painful home life that no one knows about. If he doesn’t speak up soon, their safety will be jeopardized.

When Zoe and Marley cross paths, they realize they have more in common than they think, and the two build a secret friendship despite their opposing social statuses. But the more they’re together, the urge to get help becomes more clear yet more frightening, lines between friends and more-than-friends are blurred, and soon consequences for not speaking up will come back to haunt them.

Advanced Praise

“Bonnie Synclaire follows...with this tender story of two teens who have a lot more in common than it seems on the surface...As Zoe and Marley face challenges at school and at home, they wonder: Can a relationship built on empathy blossom into more? Synclaire elevates themes of acceptance and commitment in this deeply evocative narrative.”

— Kristen R., advance reader

“...As someone who hasn’t known many people with autism, this book was great for me to better understand their needs and what it’s like to have an autistic person in your family...this was a quick, enjoyable read, filled with themes of love, family, and change...”

— Olivia Scott, author of WINGS

“Bonnie Synclaire’s work at such a young age secures her place as one of the top breakout novelists of this generation.”

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