Synclaire Publishing House
✨Launching Spring 2021!✨
My goal is to curate and publish quality fiction, and put authors’ and their audience’s needs first. Specializing in Young Adult (YA) and New Adult crossover books in the following genres: contemporary/realistic fiction, mystery, thriller, literary, drama, action, magical realism, and adventure, I am looking for strong character development, intriguing conflict, diversity representation, and overall just a great story.
This is a hybrid publishing model for writers who have not published anything yet or are already published. I cannot accept traditionally published authors, for example those from Big 5 houses such as Penguin, HarperCollins, Simon, etc.

I also provide services for those who want to self-publish completely on their own, such as editing, cover design, and formatting! I have experience in these services. The complete list of services can be found here.
I am now reviewing submissions for the Spring/Summer 2021 lineup! Please review the PDF below before emailing your manuscript to
Also, staff positions will open sometime next year, ex. submissions manager, assistant, project manager.

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