THE GENESIS FILES Series Unpublishing Statement

After much consideration, I have decided to give The Genesis Files series a complete rewrite and revamp. This process has already started; print books have been taken off the market, and are only available from my printer ( and my website, and ebooks have been taken off the market.


This series will be heavily re-outlined, rewritten, and expanded. Almost nothing will be the same: the plot is getting reworked, there will be new characters, current characters will be enhanced, new subplots, and more. I have taken TGF series and started over from scratch.



After writing and publishing the original ROGUE during my sophomore year of high school, I knew little to nothing about the publishing industry and had only written short stories before that. This was my first attempt at producing an actual book. I wrote and published the original 25k-word, 90-page novella in a rush of three months and failed to take the time to polish it (hence why I made new editions with new covers and small mechanical changes…there are now more than five editions in circulation across Amazon and other sites). There were major plot holes, pacing issues, inconsistencies, and other noticeable errors that cannot be ignored.


Yes, ROGUE did have local acclaim and buzz for a very short amount of time, but the months following afterward showed a severe disinterest in the market after promotional trials and more press coverage, and fellow authors let me know what needed to be fixed to reach beyond just local intrigue.


I’ve looked back and realized that my writing and publishing sense has greatly improved. After publishing my award-winning contemporary suspense novel PROMISES WE BREAK in June 2020, I realized that TGF no longer reflects my improved writing capabilities, and I am no longer proud of these books. This is not my best work anymore, and it has the potential to be something much greater and way more marketable. So now, I‘m not only reworking TGF, but also my personal brand as a writer.


Since high school, I never stopped working on my craft or soaking up every piece of knowledge I could about the publishing industry.


Revamps happen in traditional publishing, and all the time in independent publishing, so I am taking advantage of this opportunity and giving TGF the amazing reboot it both needs and deserves. I cannot wait to showcase the finished products!


Can I still read the originals?

ROGUE and INCOGNITO are only available in paperback from my printer and my site until the new versions release: Ebooks and hardcovers have been taken off the market.


When can I read the new books?

ROGUE’s revamp is coming August 13, 2022 everywhere books are sold! Pre-orders for all formats are going up July 1st, so stay tuned!


Where can I stay updated?

All status updates on the improved series will be posted:

• here on my website

• & bonus content and sneak peeks in my VIP newsletter


Thank you in advance to those who read ROGUE during my high school years. The new and improved books will not disappoint!


With love,

~ Bonnie Synclaire✍🏽💕