The Genesis Files series is in the process of being heavily revamped! The full statement is below.

Still want to read the originals?

A paperback box set of both books will remain via our printer HERE and on all major ebook retailers until the new series is done, including: Kindle (Amazon)Nook (Barnes & Noble)Apple BooksKobo& more.


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After much thought and consideration, I have decided to give The Genesis Files series a complete rewrite. This process has already started, and the series will be heavily revamped into full-length novels. Almost nothing will be the same; I am taking everything and starting over from scratch.


The Reason

After writing and publishing the original ROGUE during my sophomore year of high school, I knew little to nothing about publishing or the industry. I wrote and produced the original 90-page novella in a rush and failed to take the time to polish it (hence why I made new editions with new covers and small changes…there are now more than 5 editions in circulation). There are noticeable errors that cannot be ignored.


I’ve looked back and realized that my writing has greatly improved. I strongly feel these books no longer reflect me as a writer, and I am no longer proud of these books. This is not my best work and it has the potential to be something much greater and more marketable.


Revamps happen a lot in the traditional publishing industry, and all the time in independent publishing, so I’m taking advantage of this opportunity and giving TGF the amazing reboot it both needs and deserves. I cannot wait to introduce you to the new world.


Relaunch dates are not set in stone yet, but I am aiming for June 2022.


Can I still read the originals?

A bundle of both books will remain in paperback from my distributor HERE and all major ebook retailers until the new books are done, such as Kindle, Nook, Apple Books, Kobo, etc.

Where Can I Stay Updated?

I am not revealing much about the revamps at the moment since progress is extremely slow due to school, which is my #1 focus, but newsletter subscribers will get updated when anything major happens! I will also be adding more info here on my website, which is the number one place to go.


Thank you in advance to the few who read Rogue in 2018. These new and improved novels will not disappoint, and I am so excited to be writing again.

~ Bonnie Synclaire