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"Every day is a page of your life story. Write it well." —Bonnie Synclaire

BONNIE SYNCLAIRE’s stories garnered several awards from the Reflections® Arts contests, including a state-level title. She began publishing at 16 years old, her books appearing on the Kindle bestseller chart, Amazon #1 New Release chart, and’s Top 100 list.
She has written two Young Adult series: the Blue Valley Nights realistic fiction series and The Genesis Files thrillers. Her storytelling trademarks include memorable characters, gripping plots, raw emotions, and many twists you won’t see coming.
She is a member of the Littsburgh literary roster, and is featured in TribLive, Saturday Light Brigade Radio 2x, the Young Eager Writers Association, Turn The Page Authors, and more. Bonnie is currently a freshman liberal arts major in college with a concentration in writing and a minor in professional writing.

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