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This Young Adult thriller trilogy follows teenage twins Harper and Joanna as they discover that their estranged family owns and operates an FBI agency. They also unwillingly uncover dark secrets and their family's vendetta-driven enemies, and risk their lives to find the truth about everything.

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Series reading order:

1 - Rogue

2 - Incognito

This series has newly designed covers & interiors! "New look, same great stories"



In this upcoming YA realistic fiction series, diverse casts of characters deal with timely social issues along with changing friendships, family trials, first love, drama, and adventure in their small town. These characters also learn to develop resilience and overcome things like bullying, grief, illness, as well as everyday struggles.

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More information on this series will be posted soon. In the meantime, be on the lookout for the free prequel ebook coming in Spring 2020!

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