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Sunset Over Manhattan
**This series is now being unpublished to be heavily revamped and expanded. All titles are off the market with limited stock left for sale.**

Old series synopsis: This Young Adult thriller series follows teenage twins Harper and Joanna as they discover that their estranged family owns and operates an FBI agency. They also unwillingly uncover dark secrets and their family's vendetta-driven enemies, and risk their lives to find the truth about everything.



In this Young Adult realistic fiction series, each novel tackles a forgotten social issue with honesty, raw emotion, and resilience.


In each story, the cast of characters deal with changing friendships, family trials, first love, drama, and adventure in their vibrant town as they struggle to overcome things like bullying, grief, illness, self-discovery, as well as everyday struggles that affect teens and young adults today.

The first novel, Promises We Break, will release June 24, 2020 and is now available for pre-order on Kindle!

The second novel, referred to as Project Memory, is in the works and is planned to release Summer 2021.


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