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Synclaire Productions Services is a platform for providing services and assistance to those who are both new and seasoned to writing and the publishing industry.


Email synclaireproductions@gmail.com to get started.

{Must make a 50% deposit via PayPal or CashApp before the service(s) starts, then pay in full when your service is done to receive it}


*NEW* Editing

I have experience in editing other authors' novels as well as my own, newspapers, yearbooks, and articles. My line and copy editing service involves correcting spelling, punctuation and grammar, and sentence reconstruction where necessary to make sure that your manuscript is perfectly polished. I also get rid of unnecessary words and sentences and help structure your work in a way that is more comprehensible for the average reader.


Articles: $10 per page

Short stories: $15 per page

Books: $200 per 20k words

Website Build w/Wix

Base price: $30

*NEW* Wix Website Maintenance

I also maintain websites and keep them up to date, such as edit and add information or any other content updates else your site needs. This service is good for businesses that are always changing and evolving, and do not have a secretary to make sure their site is up to date.


Book Cover Design (Full wrap OR just front and back images)

Paperback/hardcover wrap: $40

Ebook front cover design: $20

Print Book Interior Formatting/Design

Done with Google Docs then downloaded as a PDF file and emailed to you. Not done for ebooks.

Under 100 pages: $50

101-150 pages: $75

150-200 pages: $100

201+ pages: $125

Graphic & Teaser Package


Up to 5 images total. Pick and choose the following promotional and teaser graphic dimensions: (T1) Twitter banner, (T2) Twitter post, (Y1) YouTube channel banner, (F1) Facebook page banner, (F2) Facebook group banner

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