Genre: Action-Adventure Thriller / Espionage

Teenage twins Harper and Joanna Cambridge don’t know Genesis: their family’s FBI project with a shameful past. In fact, they don’t know their family at all. They only have contact with their mother, who keeps them sheltered and isolated from the outside world. But when the twins’ mother disappears, Harper instantly knows that things aren’t adding up. She then learns that she and her sister have been kept from the family business of espionage, and the two must uncover a lifetime of secrets to piece together their mother’s sudden vanishing.


But finding their mother will come at a cost. And with Joanna’s health spiraling downward, the clock is ticking. With the help of a nameless ex-agent and a mysterious girl gone rogue, Harper vows to stop at nothing to protect her sister and expose the truth. But her trust in one secretive new ally will teach the Cambridge twins their first lesson the hard way: trust no one.