ISBN (hardcover): 978-1-79476-964-9

Genre: Young Adult thriller ~ Ages 14+

Pages: 106

Word count: 25,000

Release Date: April 13, 2018

Series: The Genesis Files, #1



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~ 560+ reads on Kindle

~ A Kindle bestseller in Espionage Thriller ebooks

~ A Kobo bestseller in Teen Action & Adventure ebooks

~ 190+ copies sold on Smashwords

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“Synclaire obviously has experience with writing, her words flowing well and with purpose."

- J.L. Willow, author of THE SCAVENGER and MISSING HER


"I always love a thrilling time-is-running-out book and wow...I enjoyed reading ROGUE and can't wait for the next book in the series!"

- Joy Chappell, author of FARRYN

"I love secret societies, and I can't resist a good underground organization, so I was bound to enjoy ROGUE from the start...The very beginning surprised and intrigued me---I was hooked right at the start..."

- Olivia Faye Scott, author of WINGS

"ROGUE is a riveting, fast-paced thriller that takes you into the shadowy world of spy agencies and criminal enterprises...Rich in detail, with a narrative that evokes both suspense and empathy, this book is a must-read..."

- Kristen R., advanced reader

"Captivating, gripping, and dynamic...an intriguing story highlighting the unbreakable bond between two sisters..."

- Kerri M., advanced reader

"I bought this book and the sequel, Incognito, for my fifth grade daughter and she has started circulating her copies throughout her classroom. Boys and girls alike are enjoying the story. They are doing dress-as-your-favorite-literary-character day next week, and she is planning to dress as Skye! High marks from her and her friends!!"

- Amazon review

* * *

Teenage twins Harper and Joanna Cambridge don’t know Genesis: their family’s FBI project with a shameful past. In fact, they don’t know their family at all. They only have contact with their mother, who keeps them sheltered and isolated from the outside world.


But when the twins’ mother disappears, Harper instantly knows that some things aren’t adding up. She then learns that she and her sister have been kept from the family business of espionage, and the two must uncover a lifetime of secrets to piece together their mother’s sudden vanishment. But finding their mother will come at a cost. And with Joanna’s health condition spiraling downward, the clock is ticking.


With the help of a nameless ex-agent and a mysterious girl gone rogue, the twins vow to stop at nothing to protect each other and expose the truth. But their trust in one secretive new ally will teach the Cambridge twins their first lesson the hard way: trust no one.

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