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Genre: Spy-Thriller / Espionage

***Edited and revised*** AVAILABLE NOW in ebook and paperback!

Synclaire’s debut novel, the explosive start to The Genesis Files spy-thriller series, is packed with nonstop action, mystery, and danger at every turn.


When reclusive master spy Victoria Hollis disappears with the blueprint to a military-grade vehicle, she leaves no trace that she ever existed. Her twin daughters Harper and Beatriz, newbie agents for their estranged family’s espionage agency, Genesis, are tasked to track down Victoria and the blueprint before chaos ensues. They know their mother would never betray Genesis or their country…would she?


While working to clear their mother’s name, they uncover a dark family secret linked to a nefarious plot, and are thrown into a vendetta-driven chase by enemies who have been watching their every move…


On a dangerous cat-and-mouse chase to expose the truth about their mother and their own lives, the twins face shadowy organizations, an underground criminal world where rules don’t apply, and deadly deceptions masked by romantic intrigue…One deceptive new ally will teach them their first lesson of espionage the hard way: trust no one.

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