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Bonnie Synclaire’s books have appeared on the Kindle bestseller chart, Amazon #1 New Release chart, and Lulu.com’s Top 100 list. Her short stories garnered several awards from the Reflections Arts contests, including a state title.
She is a member of the Littsburgh literary roster, and is featured in TribLive, Saturday Light Brigade Radio 2x, the Young Eager Writers Association, and Turn The Page Authors.

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Marble Surface

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“...Synclaire elevates themes of acceptance and commitment in this deeply evocative narrative.”
— Kristen R., advance reader
“...this was a quick, enjoyable read, filled with themes of love, family, and change...”
— Olivia Scott, author of WINGS
“Bonnie Synclaire's work at such a young age secures her place as one of the top breakout novelists of this generation.”


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